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Parts of Speech!

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Note for Android users

The V1 App on Google Play has been decomissioned. Please uninstall the app and install the new and improved V2 app by clicking the button above.

How does it work

Using Nonshoun app is very easy. To get started, download the NounShoun from the App stores.

Nounshoun uses Artificial Intelligence to find the Parts of Speech for any english sentence. Follow these steps to

Enter the sentence

Enter any sentence that you want to check out. Ensure you follow proper grammar and case


Press the NS button

This will connect your app to our servers where AI algorithms will try to identify the best possible Parts of Speech for your sentence.

Parts of Speech get listed

The returned results are listed for each word in your sentence. Clicking any word tells you more about it

What are Parts of Speech?

Parts of Speech are the Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, prepositions, etc. that decide the syntactic structure of the sentence. Finding and using the right Parts of Speech is an integral part of English grammar.

The Nounshoun app not only shows the high-level Parts of speech but also digs deeper by giving you details like "Verb, 3rd person singular present" or "Noun, singular or mass".

The app also provides details and additional examples of each item, thereby helping students learn more.

What's new in Version 2

This version is a complete makeover of the original app, both in terms of features as well as experience.

A sleek interface

A new that has focused on ease of use and navigation.

Grid View

Along with the older list view, the new app now has a grid view for better readability

Image Recognition

Use the phone camera to scan text, and then find the parts of speech instantly

Voice Entry

Use the microphone and speak the input sentence

Save Sentences

Save sentences by the press of a button. Load them later on. Saved sentences offline!

Voice Walkthrough

Try the guided walkthrough for a new experience.

Sharing Capabilities

Share the NounShoun results with your friends or teachers via messaging or social media apps.

Paste Button

It now has a dedicated paste button. Just copy from any other app and paste here.

About Us

Nounshoun is an Artificial Intelligence research project by Constellation Software & Consulting Pvt Ltd

Constellation Software provides Application development services for projects that involve cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Analytics, and Marine research. Its portfolio includes several projects done with several governments and non-government organizations in the USA.

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